New publication: enstatite chondrites

The new manuscript “Reclassification of four aubrites as enstatite chondrite impact melts: Potential geochemical analogues for Mercury” by Udry A., Wilbur Z. E.*, Rahib R. R.*, McCubbin F. M., Vander Kaaden K. E., McCoy T. J., Ziegler K., Gross J., DeFelice C., Combs L.*, and Turrin D. B. (*students and former students). This study, in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center, Rutgers, and the University of New Mexico, focuses on the geochemistry and mineral compositions of four enstatite chondrite impact melt meteorites originating from the asteroid belt. These unique meteorites represent geochemical analogs to Mercury, a planet from which we do not have samples.

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