New manuscript by former MS student Logan Combs: NWA 10169

The new manuscript “Petrology of the enriched poikilitic shergottite Northwest Africa 10169: Insight into the martian interior” first-authored by former M.S. student Logan Combs (graduated in Spring 2018) was published this summer in GCA. This work focuses on the newly recovered martian poikilitic shergottite meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA 10169), which was classified as a new member of the geochemically enriched poikilitic shergottites and is dated at 167 Ma. Through various analyses, including isotopic studies, this study reveals that at least two sources are responsible for the enriched shergottites, and that the martian mantle is more heterogeneous than previously thought. This manuscript also includes former M.S. student Rachel Rahib.

See link:

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