Our research featured in the UNLV Innovation research magazine

Textures and colors of igneous rocks (in this case martian meteorites) under a microscope can be esthetically extraordinary. In Spring 2017, I (Arya Udry) participated to the Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery exhibition at UNLV organized by Jason Steffen (UNLV Department of Physics and Astronomy), which displayed work from throughout the UNLV College of Science.

We presented a cross polarized image of the Nakhlite Miller Range 090032 (see below) borrowed from NASA ANSMET collection at Johnson Space Center. This image  displays euhedral to subhedral clinopyroxene with twinning formed  by shock metamorphism during impact on Mars, and fayalitic olivine (see Udry et al., 2012 for petrogenesis and composition of this meteorite and pairs).

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.33.38 PM.png
Article from the Fall 2017 UNLV Innovation Research Magazine

Link to the full Fall 2017 issue of UNLV Innovation Magazine here. The full article on the Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery exhibition can be found starting page 14.

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