Sierra R. Ramsey
Ph.D. Student
Research: Igneous Petrology, Planetary Geology, Martian Geology
Office: TEC 110

Geology M.S.:
University of Georgia (2020)
Geology B.S.: Western Carolina University (2018)

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Research Interests:

My research interests are in igneous petrology, martian geology, and general planetary science. Goals of my research include yielding a better understanding of the complexities of the martian mantle, investigating the petrogenesis of martian meteorites, and how the martian meteorite groups are related to one another. To do this, I use a suite of analytical techniques, including transmitted and reflected light microscopy, electron microprobe analyses, and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Ramsey, S.R., Howarth, G.H., Udry, A. and Gross, J. (2021), Nickel–manganese variability in olivine and Al-in-olivine thermometry for olivine-phyric shergottites. Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

Published Abstracts:

Ramsey, S.; Howarth, G. H.; Gross, J.; Udry, A. (2020). Major and Minor Element in Olivine to Determine Source Lithology. In Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Abstract no. 1447.

Fagan, A.L.; Gross, J.; Ramsey, S.; Turrin, B. (2018). Northwest Africa 8632- Recording Young Lunar Volcanism. In Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Abstract no. 2584.