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Zoe Wilbur

Undergraduate student

Zoe Wilbur’s CV

Education: B.S. in Geology, University Honors and Department Honors (expected fall 2018)

Research Interests:
My research interests include planetary science, mercurian igneous processes, and meteorite studies, and I am also interested in icy bodies, specifically Europa, and impact experiments. I have previously conducted high pressure and high temperature experiments to understand terrestrial mantle processes. My current undergraduate senior thesis focuses on assessing the relevance of potential meteorite analogs to the mercurian surface. This involves the analysis of aubrite and enstatite chondrite impact melt meteorites. Throughout this process, I have utilized sample preparation techniques, optical microscopy, and electron microprobe analysis.

Published Abstracts:

Wilbur Z. E., A. Udry, F. M. McCubbin, L. M. Combs, R. R. Rahib, T. J. McCoy, and C. McCoy (2018) Aubrite and Enstatite Chondrite Impact Melt Meteorites as Potential Analogs to Mercury. 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract #1355

Wilbur Z. E., A. Udry, F. M. McCubbin, K. E. Vander Kaaden, R. R. Rahib, and T. J. McCoy (2018) Aubrite and Enstatite Chondrite Impact Melt Meteorites: Analogs to Mercury? Mercury: Current and Future Science of the Innermost Planet Workshop, Abstract #6034.